How to buy Dash in Canada


Dash is the most valuable digital currency right now. How does it differ from other cryptos? It uses its own encryption technology. It was built with an emphasis on privacy and anonymity. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash payments are not publicly visible because of PrivateSend.

The company wants to make digital cash a convenient and easy-to-use means for everyday purchases.

Ways to Purchase Dash Instantly

Dash coins can be obtained through several means. First of all, you need to get a Dash wallet. Such wallets can be physical and digital. The physical wallet is the best because it has no constant internet connection. You only connect it to the web to conduct operations. It keeps your finances safe.

This software can be for mobile, desktop and online. These applications are, unfortunately, limited in functionality, but they can be vulnerable to malware, hacking, etc.

You can also Sign up for an account with a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinsquare.

  1. Verify your identity with Coinsquare.
  2. Make a deposit using one of the available payment options
  3. Click on “Markets.”
  4. Select the logo of the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  5. Enter the amount you want to buy.
  6. Place a market order.


You can buy tokens with fiat currencies. To do that, you have to go to a crypto exchange. These websites offer multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and electronic wallets. work worldwide, and you can get the coins The most convenient part of this method is that you can complete everything via the Internet. However, every operator sets their own rules. Among them are transfer fees and limits. The compensation can be as low as half of 1%.

These platforms let people do it on their own, but give people the opportunity to deceive you. Keep an eye out for the profiles and ratings, and sometimes these exchanges won’t let you take back the coins. Consequently, this is not the most popular means.

Get Coins with Brokers

Brokers are those who give you the opportunity to trade crypto- and fiat currencies. There are no commissions for deposits, cash-outs. You pay them only during the trading. The fees differ for buyers and sellers. However, they are low – between 0.1% to 0.2%.

Additionally, the rate of exchange is usually frozen. This is especially important for digital cash since it changes too much. So, you can buy Dash at a fixed price. Also, there are fewer requirements for new Dash users. You may not need to give sensitive data while registering.

Deposit and withdrawal limits vary by website. In general, you may expect around 6,000 dollars/euros or the same worth of altcoin, and they also depend on your payment method. For example, you may be able to output up to $500,000 per day with SEPA payments. 

Obtain Cryptos via ATM

You can get Dash from ATMs. Here is a map of the ATMs around the world. 

Acquire Bitcoin at First

Normally, the platforms will accept Dash in exchange for other cryptocurrencies. This means you must get cryptocurrency first. You can buy bitcoins on the BTC website or from an exchange. It is pretty easy to do.

Just make a trading account. Then integrate it with your preferred payment method. Credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers are all available. Then sell BTC for fiat money.


The buying process is straightforward. You need to provide your wallet address and then enter your banknotes. You’ll see the balance of your deposit, which is convenient because you’ll always see what total will be transferred to your wallet. Then press “send” and your crypto is on the wallet. This is expensive because of high transaction fees and low purchase limits – around $3,500 (6.438 DASH).

Trading with Dash

If you want to gain profits from Dash rate changes, you can try trading. It is possible on both crypto exchanges and brokers. Sometimes you do not even need to create the wallet for this.

Swap BTC for Dash Coins

Take a look at the chart for the value of the coins. You can see how much they’re worth. Now, you have to find the exchange pair “BTC/DASH”. For this, you have to open an order. There are many orders types:

  • Market. It is the most common one. This allows you to use the best rate;
  • Limit. You set the max buy price;
  • Stop. It starts working only after it reaches the set price level.









As you can see, buying Dash in Canada is pretty straightforward. Hopefully, this article helped if you encountered any issues. 

Always remember that crypto trading is risky, so don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose. Good luck!



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